Its True

* It's sad, but our best friends are not with us forever.

* With one of our portraits, it may not be quite the same, but you will have their memory forever.

* A studio portrait such as we specialise in, will portray your dog in the best possible way, you will be so proud of him/her.

* We have a collection of lovely props that give, and enhance your dog's personality.

​* We have a dog friendly environment in which to photograph your dog, and make him look his best.

​* Our studio is under a roof, so we can ensure a shoot will happen, irrespective of the weather.

Shelley said...

Just love your work.

Photo and artwork by Warren Mayall

ATTENTION!! - 1 Shakespeare Street, Te Aroha 3320, New Zealand, Phone 027 254 9798


Words cannot describe what we can do!!

​We transform and create photography into art, thus preserving your precious memories forever.​

Annie said...

Warren you are so talented, and your skills are amazing.

Tash said...

It was awesome hearing from you

Susanne said...

Thank you so much, I don't know anyone that does what you do.

Warren Mayall Photography is at...

1 Shakespeare Street

Te Aroha 3320

Phone: 027 254 9798

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a photographic session with Warren take?
  • Do I have to buy a printed copy of my pooch from Warren Mayall Photography?
  • How long after I order my framed print does it take to arrive?
  • Are my dogs safe at the studio?
  • Will I be kept informed, whilst I wait for my print?
  • ​Is Warren good at photographing dogs?

Warren's Story...

I started my photography career when I was 12, borrowing my mother's Kodak box camera, and used my pocket money to buy a roll of film. I still remember the size of the film. 640 it was. Only 12 photos on each roll. But it took great pictures. As long as you didn't cut off people's feet or heads. Not that easy getting to grips with what you couldn't see clearly in the viewfinder. And it was upside down.

​I went through a number of roll cameras after that, until the arrival of digital cameras. In their early days, they tended to be small, and not really that great.

However, things changed and now a digital camera is the norm. Even our phones are good cameras.   

​But not as good as a good Single Lens Reflex camera or the growing trend in Mirrorless cameras. The ability to shoot outside of Auto mode and learning to use a good camera is an experience that stays with each of us forever.

​And then the great change came along, with the arrival of Photoshop. Looking back now it really was a wonderful tool for the times. I started on about Version 2 on a friend's computer. And that was over 30 years ago.

​Nowadays the post processing in Photoshop, Lightroom and other similar programmes is exciting, and you know it's good when the hair on the back of your neck stands up.

​Over the years I have been involved in three exhibitions in Art Galleries, and have trained with a top Photoshop Artist in the US.

My involvement with dogs really started with having grown up on a farm. My dad was into his trial dogs, and prided himself on having a good pack of dogs.

​Over the years I have had dogs, these being a couple of pug dogs, and Maureen's (wife) love of King Charles Cavaliers. We have two at the moment.

​So when you come to your photo shoot, you are in good hands, as we have dogs and understand their merry little ways.