Danny and the Warlords reworked.

Molly and The Indians

​There are seven different photos in this particular artwork. They are from various places in the North Island of New Zealand. 

​All Warren's artwork, and photos.

And that is the same dog again.

New Zealand Native Keruru

​This is a native wood pigeon or Kereru in New Zeraland.

Before the coming of the pakeha to New Zealand they were a major food source to the Maori people.

​Warren took this photograph out on the Whangaparaoa Peninsular north of Auckland, New Zealand

Ghost Riders In the sky

The Flyer

To survive in these times you need to be tough, no woolly thinking, I also find a pipe calms my nerves.

If I can find where I left my damn plane, I will get back up there. Hope that Red Baron fellow has gone home, he doesn't mess around with chivalry, just shoots holes in your kite, and that's that.

Right now better get going, or the chaps will think I have gone funk.

The photographs used in these artworks have been all been taken by Warren..

Our Artwork

The Shearer

The old maori shearer is the last of his band
​But his handpiece is still like a blur in his hand    
Driving the sharp shearing gear across the ewe’s skin         
To leave every sheep he sheared, looking smart and trim   
He was known as the shearer from Ruawai      

And it was at the annual A&P show    
That the young shearers wanted to have a go     
A chance to see how they were against the best    
To get in and shear, putting it all to the test    
Against the aged shearer from Ruawai     

Down the belly, and on over the sheep’s hind leg    
Up the sheep’s neck, and over the top of the head     
All the days he had spent on the shearing board   
Ensured he would do well when the judges scored  
The wiry skilled shearer from Ruawai  

He spent his life shearing the tough merino     
Where narrow combs meant you count every blow    
And now he was back, and showing the way    
It looked as though he was here to stay   
That enduring old shearer from Ruawai      

But a contest can be one that’s hard to pick   
And decided on who has made a blood nick      
So if your job is one of cuts and wool left behind    
The win you want so bad, may be only in your mind  
And the best shearer will still be, the one from Ruawai 
Warren Mayall 

Ride'em cowboy

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Out in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland New Zealand

The Moonshiners are at it again.

On the run from the law

Never open a door if you don't know what is behind it!!!

The Horses

​There are eight different photos in this particular artwork. They are from various places in the North Island of New Zealand. 

​All Warren's artwork, and photos.

The little dog sitting, looking at the horses is the same dog that is chasing the snail in the above artwork.


Warren Mayall Photography | 1 Shakespeare Street, Te Aroha, Matamata-Piako, Waikato Region 3320, New Zealand | +64.027 254 9798

Catch A Dream

​Harper and Blayne off on a wild ride, exploring the wilderness, and having many adventures on the way.

​All Warren's artwork, and photos.

Danny rides again

A friend's dog this time trying to escape the evil warlords whilst attempting to cross the Atlantic.

Note the mice (or rats) jumping off the back. One has his chute open and drifting downwards, another is stuck on one of the fans of the windmill, the third mouse is simply jumping anyway, no parachute, and the last one is the ultimate definition of hope, he is carrying a ladder.

Spaceships created by Warren, Danny dressed by Warren, and all photos taken by Warren.

A Real Live Pirate

​Met this pirate in Queen Street, Auckland.

Rather interesting character actually.