In the beginning...

"A week with Granny"


​​Wednesday, and out to see what the hens had chosen to lay 

Imagine our surprise at what we found that day

"Did you lay this?" asked Harper of a chook

"I don't think so," said Blayne, "it's more like something out of a book."

And it's obvious we didn't see what was coming up behind

Something bigger than we could have ever have imagined in our mind


​​ Monday we became confused between a dream, and what was real

We were just two kids having fun, laughing and joking as only kids can feel

Travelling to the edge of the world, astride the smooth shell of a snail

The snail, a pal as it turned out, took us to places, up hill, and down dale

With Danny and Molly following as we went here and there, so fast, and yet so slow

Getting to where he was, or wasn’t going, how he did that we don’t know


Thursday is still to come

But it will be done

This just seemed like a Friday

Or maybe it will be better as Saturday

There are more exciting days to come, so come back and look for more...

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​​Tuesday, and Granny said she would like our help with the soup for lunch

A carrot from the garden, one was all she required she said, not a bunch

Pushing through the weeds, veggies, and the piles of soil so rough

This was a big task, we were up to it, but we knew it would be tough

So we set up our friend The Hog, with tackle and harness

And hauled a carrot from the ground, without too many dramas