We print photographs and Artwork

Words cannot describe what we can do

WOW!!!  yes we do all our own photographic printing. This means we are able to create  "Exhibition Grade"   Prints

WHY? Because we control the quality of our printing using these super photographic printing machines.

We want to be the best.

Warren Mayall Photography | 1 Shakespeare Street, Te Aroha, Matamata-Piako, Waikato Region 3320, New Zealand | +64.027 254 9798

This means we are constantly seeking to be better.
Many of our prints haven't stopped at a simple print, but have undergone an encaustic art finish, as part of the effort put into creating a piece of art.

We also print on canvas, that can be framed, or stretched over a frame.
We don't simply print off prints as you would get from a printing bureau, we want to create an art piece.

And what does this really mean.

We are printing not with dye inks but pigment inks. And a superior pigment ink at that. 

We are using Ultrachrome ink. This ink delivers up to double the density of conventional Epson pigment ink thus enabling it to reproduce a larger amount of colour.

The Epson 3880 has nine ink cartridges, and the 10600 has six.

The only drawback of Ultrachrome ink, it is expensive when compared to standard pigment inks or dye inks because it is so much better.

BUT WHO CARES - This ink should last without fading, for 200 years.

AND WHAT DOES THIS MEAN - It means you get the BEST

We also mount our prints onto a sub strata material, more often than not we use aluminium sheets. 

It is thin yet strong.

The mountings can be set up to hang flush on your wall, this giving a 3D effect and is very popular in a business environment such as restaurants and offices.

However, we also have a framing service where our exhibition grade work is framed using recycled rimu, matai, kauri or even oak. 

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